Amazon light bulb

Today I saw an ad for a product I’d never heard of or imagined. It’s called The Twist Speaker. It’s the shape of a regular light bulb, but it functions both as a light bulb and as a wireless speaker.

The Twist Speaker

If you hang one or a bunch of these around your house you can direct your phone to play music from your light bulbs.

As a pseudo audiophile I have serious reservations about sound quality, given the tiny package, but the idea is still fantastic. Your average “wireless speaker” either needs batteries which need to be recharged or it needs to be plugged into the wall thus becoming a wirefull speaker.

The brilliance here is co-opting the 100+ year old Edison Screw interface for a high tech gadget. Every home is littered with these sockets and many homes have them spaced at regular intervals right in the ceiling. The question immediately came to my mind, what other high gadget could one put into a light socket?

My mind was a blank.

Fortunately I have friends. I emailed a few and received an immediately reply: the opposite of a speaker is a microphone! Have both and you can have a conversation with your light bulbs!

This is still more brilliant and immediately brought to mind the bizarre seeming product from Amazon called Echo. Echo is a black cylinder you can carry around the house and talk to like you would Apple Siri. The Twist light bulb idea would eliminate the carrying part.


Your disembodied companion could follow you from room to room to room even while your phone is somewhere charging. You’d be able to talk to your house and have it talk back like has been portrayed in sci-fi movies for decades.

Early on when people used bluetooth ear pieces with their phone they looked crazy walking down the street talking to themselves. Imagine seeing into someone’s house and watching them mutter to themselves as they walk room to room. I think it would be fantastic.

I’m a trailing edge buyer I would probably wait until version 5 before purchasing a system for myself, but I hope some friends buy one so I can mess around with theirs before returning to the quiet and relative sanity of my own house.

Google could do this first using Google Now for the software and Nest for the hardware. The just have to convince everyone it’s perfectly natural to have always-on microphones listening to you in every room.